Tenuta Santa Maria

Gaetano Bertani’s Family Estate

We create wines of timeless elegance that offer a reflection of our land, invested with passion, respect for the vineyard, family expertise in the use of native grapes and traditional methods, and an understanding of innovative techniques.

Visiting our estate and tasting our wines offers the unique opportunity to discover a rich oenological heritage dating back to the 16th century. Today, brothers Giovanni and Guglielmo Bertani are committed to preserving the Veronese winemaking traditions while promoting the legacy of their father, award-winning Gaetano Bertani.

Among the first families to use the Guyot system in Italy in the 1800s, they continue to pay great attention to maximizing the potential of Verona’s extraordinary native grape varieties, using innovative techniques and careful clonal selection. Our production takes place across three properties: Arbizzano di Negrar in Valpolicella Classica DOCG, Colognola ai Colli in Soave DOC, and a third high elevation project in Valpantena that is currently being developed.

In the cellar, the vinification process and Veronese methods of Appassimento and Ripasso are constantly refined, with the aim of obtaining wines of good structure, concentration and elegance, as well as dryness and balance.

Winery and estates are fully owned by Giovanni and Guglielmo Bertani

Our Heritage of Winemaking

Our Heritage of Winemaking

Tenuta Santa Maria di Gaetano Bertani - Valpolicella Verona Italy
Tenuta Santa Maria di Gaetano Bertani - Valpolicella Verona Italy

The Wines of Gaetano Bertani

A lifetime of dedication to winemaking

Experience with an added commitment to innovation and sustainability

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